“La Manuela” is a film about exile and self-reinvention. It is based on the experience of Manuela Picq Lavinas, a university professor and French-Brazilian activist. On August 13, 2015, in Quito, Ecuador, she was arrested in a street protest. That same night, Manuela’s working visa was revoked and she was taken to a detention center for illegal immigrants. She had to exit Ecuador - the country she had lived for the past ten years- leaving behind her home, her work and her love story.


Brazil, 2018, 84'. DOC

Director: Clara Linhart

Prod.: Chaiana Furtado, Paula Horta

Script: Leticia Simões, Luis Cañizares

Editing: Juliana Guanaes

Sound Editing: Bruno Armelin

Produced by: Gamarosa Filmes, Luzca produções, Canal Brasil

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Feature Documentary, 86'

-Panorama Int'l Coisa de Cinema